29 Sep 2016

Questions Libertarians Have For Statists

Check out all the awesome people featured in this video:
Anarchyball: http://bit.ly/2cOHiJC
Julie Borowski: http://bit.ly/1gD6eD1
FreedomToons: http://bit.ly/2d9sAiS
Larken Rose: http://bit.ly/2cnlWEb
Carey Wedler: http://bit.ly/2d9rROy
Jeffrey Tucker: http://bit.ly/2d6PfHY
Lauren Southern: http://bit.ly/1rzb3SV
Danny Duchamp: http://bit.ly/2cFUUGe
Adam Morgan: http://bit.ly/2cOK3Ld
Liberty Hangout: http://bit.ly/2d367U8
Nick Matrinez: http://bit.ly/2d9q5wI
Josh O’brien: http://bit.ly/2dhRgo2
Jake McCauley: http://bit.ly/2cByvI0
Kush Freeman: http://bit.ly/2ckSlXn
Sean Malone: http://bit.ly/2cVuBK1

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