19 Oct 2016

Philip Davies’s Application For A Debate On Men’s Issues, In Connection With International Men’s Day

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Philip Davies MP (C, Shipley) is one of only two MPs to speak on men’s and boys’ issues in the House of Commons, the other being Karl McCartney (C, Lincoln) who recently led a debate about the education gender gap.
Philip Davies spoke at our conference in July, the video of his well-received talk about the justice gender gap is here (44:49).
Our thanks to John for this, recorded in the House of Commons yesterday afternoon. It’s Philip Davies’s bid for a debate on men’s issues to be heard in the main chamber of the House of Commons on 17 November, two days before International Men’s Day, because IMD falls this year on a Saturday. He points out that debates on International Women’s Day have always held in the main chamber. We hope Philip’s bid is successful, it deserves to be.
Philip’s application to hold a debate on International Men’s Day last year was met with an infamous response by Jess Phillips, a particularly odious Labour MP. The video is here (10:33).
She haughtily rejected his bid, and the other members of the committee (all men) didn’t argue with her, but her rejection was later overruled after a public outcry.
The respect shown by committee members (including the chairman) towards Philip yesterday was considerably higher than that shown towards him a year ago. It surely tells us that men’s rights are now well and truly on the political radar. The absence from the room of Jess Phillips, one of our Toxic Feminists of the Month, must have played a large part in the change, and we hope Philip’s bid is successful. It deserves to be.


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