14 Nov 2016

Circumcision Death Remembered + Dr Lolita McDavid - Genital Mutilation Of Children

"By any means necessary I wasn't going to do it!"
Bonobo3D: Laura, mother of an 18 year old son, stopped by the Bloodstained Men protest of the American Academy of Pediatrics annual conference at Moscone Center, San Francisco to speak with protesters. She recalled the death of a baby boy in the mid 1980's at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Berkeley California.

Dr Lolita McDavid - Genital Mutilation Of Children
Bonobo3D: At a protest for children's rights to bodily integrity outside the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) convention at Moscone Center in San Francisco, Dr. Lolita McDavid, Medical Director of Child Advocacy and Protection at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital (Cleveland, Ohio) stopped to share her thoughts about genital mutilation of children.

(Caution - contains medical photos of infant male genital mutilation.)

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  1. Mc David? Mc ...David? From that old Scottish 'Jewish' clan the Mc Davids? Never heard of them, there's dark humor there I'm sure, something to do with that MGM cult the Jews owning the infamous historic Atlantic black slave triangle and proportionally having nearly twice the level of slave ownership than any European or other American group back in those days...

    With all Lolita's talk about how her people got to Merca it feels appropriate to say, I freed a thousand slaves [largely from the Jews], I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.

    Lolita's so happy and self confident in her ignorance, but worse than that I get to wondering about how many of our doctors are sadists who enter the profession because it just feels so right, you know, who wouldn't want to be the only boy at an all girls school? Sadists who become doctors have in effect hit that proverbial jackpot.

    Clearly sadists and the damaged congregate in the medical profession at much higher proportions, ...like bees to honey. Ah so sorry does that hurt? Quiet snigger/mini orgasm.