28 Nov 2016

Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation - A Mother's Deep Regret

Niki Sawyers describes the disturbing circumstances that occurred shortly after the birth of her son. The intactivist community is made up of a very diverse group of individuals affected by a very sick cultural practice (cutting the genitals of children.) Among those I'm most appreciative of are the regret mothers, all of whom realized too late, what "circumcision" involved. Many regret parents are now sharing their experiences in the hope of helping others avoid the traps and misinformation they fell into.

Some mothers were, as Niki Sawyers so aptly puts it, "blindsided" by doctors who bamboozled them into handing over their precious baby boys. Regret mothers include Rosemary Romberg and Marilyn Fayre Milos, two of the stalwart founders of the genital autonomy movement who have worked so diligently to spread awareness and gain recognition for the rights of children to body integrity, and autonomy.

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