30 Dec 2016

A New Way To Hold Women Unaccountable For Their Crimes

Mercedes Testone, 21, made a false rape allegation. She will avoid a conviction due to an emotional disability’.
This via a J4MB supporter: Extracts:

BRISTOL — A Danbury woman who filed a false rape complaint against a man in Bristol has been granted a program that could allow her to elude a conviction.
Mercedes Testone, 21, was granted the Supervised Diversionary Program Tuesday at her hearing in Bristol Superior Court. Judge Richard Dyer, who OK’d the program, said she will get treatment for an “emotional disability” — the details of which were not disclosed.
Dyer made a ruling that Testone’s disability had a “substantially adverse” effect on her behavior and could have contributed to her allegedly making a fake rape story up.
If Testone is successful in treatment, her case will be dismissed on June 19, 2018…
A day after filing the complaint, Testone called police and said she no longer wanted to pursue it. Later in the day, police said, she called again and admitted she made the whole rape story up because her child’s father had not let her daughter spend the night with her.
I predict an increasing number of women not being held accountable for their crimes, due to ’emotional disabilities’. Why doesn’t the criminal justice system adopt a new system, to save time and money? At police stations, a lady doctor could confirm that criminals claiming to have a vagina actually have one, then they could be released, and any potential charges dropped.


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