20 Dec 2016

Dr Ben Hine, Lecturer In Psychology, Co-Founder Of The Men And Boys Coalition, Is A Feminist. What Are The Chances?

By Mike Buckanan, J4MB: I am reliably informed by a number of people that Dr Ben Hine, one of six co-founders of the Men and Boys Coalition – MBC – publicly self-identifies as a feminist. His MBC profile is here. He’s a senior lecturer in psychology at the University of West London. His Profile on the university website is here, his Biography is this:

Broadly, I am interested in the area of applied gender psychology. This is reflected in my two main research interests – prosocial behaviour in childhood and adolescence, and interpersonal violence. I am interested in continuing the work conducted during my PhD in exploring how gender stereotypes and norms influence prosocial behaviour, and whether boys feel they need to carve out a specific ‘niche’ in this traditionally feminine area.
I am also interested in interpersonal violence towards men and women, and how gendered power dynamics influence the judgements and reactions to these incidences, particularly by the criminal justice system, but also by peers and support networks.
So at least three of the six (male) co-founders of the MBC are feminists, and to the best of my knowledge none of the other three publicly identify as anti-feminists.
Ideological balance is a fine thing. You have to ask, why doesn’t the MBC website admit – celebrate, even – the ideology that so clearly underpins it? Anyone who visits the J4MB website will swiftly become aware we’re an anti-feminist party, and proud to be so.
Leaving aside the issue of ideology, the inclusion of some people as members of the MBC is baffling. Could someone tell me why the two following women are members?

Jenny Garrett, award winning coach, author [authoress] and business woman:
“I am passionate about helping women [my emphasis] craft the life they want and that mindset starts early. I want the next generation of trailblazing women [my emphasis] to be able to thrive in life and work and I believe that Rocking Ur Teens can help make that happen.”
Sandy Parris, award winning event planner, host [hostess] and author [authoress]:
“As an experienced event planner and host I’m committed to delivering events that enable women [my emphasis] to connect, motivate and inspire each other. As a co-founder of Rocking Ur Teens CIC we’re proud to have created an inclusive forum to support teen girls [my emphasis] to embrace their uniqueness, share, learn, grow and successfully navigate their teenage years.”

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