9 Dec 2016

EU Pushing Social Media Even Further To Censor "Hate Speech" And "Fake News"

Raging Golden Eagle: Apparently the current "non-legislative" agreement they have is not good enough, because social media companies are not censoring the internet fast enough for the liking of these totalitarians. So official laws might be inbound! Good luck Sargon, Computing Forever, Kraut and Tea, and all the rest of you guys reporting non state sanctioned news. You are gonna need it.


Background from Brave Witches

It's about damn time we started fighting back! #DumpKelloggs
Raging Golden Eagle: I've been calling for this for YEARS, and it seems finally people on our side are listening and going on the offensive. If you stay on defense all the damn time, of course you will slowly get worn down. Eventually you have to strike back.

My original call, over 2 years ago

#DumpKelloggs :


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