29 Dec 2016

Feminist Propaganda In Rupert Murdoch's ‘The Times’

By Mike Buchanan: I’m becoming heartily tired of feminist propaganda in The Times, the paper I started subscribing to some months ago. Sometimes it’s overt – the (lying) claim that appointing more women onto corporate boards leads to improved financial performance is a particular favourite –  but mainly it’s covert, and both male and female journalists (and their editors) engage in it.
An example from today, which would pass most people by, takes up 90% of p.41. The headline and strapline:

Farewell to the bold and the brave
Dominic Walsh review the achievements and disappointments of the businesswomen [my emphasis] and the men who died in 2016
Maybe 40% of the space is taken up with a photograph of Lucy Barker, a businesswoman I’d never heard of. The article states that at its peak, her company (Barker Brooks Media) had 30 full-time employees. So, a very small company, then, hardly one to compare with other companies that figure in the piece (Kwik Save, ICI, JC Decaux, Revlon, Mars, Barclays, Swire Group, Weetabix, AOL, Salomon Brothers, Intel, Lloyds Bank…).
So, who were the other ‘businesswomen’ in the list of 17 people? Er, there were none. Lucy Barker was the sole businesswoman mentioned in the piece.

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