27 Dec 2016

Fight Night - Unite For Africa

GlobalFaction: The ‘I Heart Africa’ Foundation is a small dedicated team who raise money at minimal expense and deliver with maximum impact directly to the most impoverished African communities. The foundation provides an opportunity for people to give directly and see their money put to work immediately. All of the ‘I Heart Africa’ initiatives are devised the help struggling communities attain independence and live in a dignified manner with adequate healthcare and living standards. Visit our go fund me page to act now.

Chakabars (I Heart Africa)

Shot & Edited by Bro. Ben

In September 2016 forty hopefuls put themselves forward to compete in a charity boxing event spearheaded by @Chakabars and Spartanfam.

'Work It London' partnered with Chaka to prepare the brave novices for their fast approaching fight. For most of the team it would be their first boxing match.

The goal was to refurbish a substandard medical facility in the Congo and begin building a new orphanage. The ambitious target was £40,000

As fight night approached the £40,000 target was met and work began. But the people kept giving.

Thanks to the donators, the fighters, the trainers and the 'I Heart Africa foundation' a few babies have already been born into a better world.

'This made me smile'

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