23 Dec 2016

How To Train Men: Gynocentrism Style - MGTOW

This guest video is brought to you by Peter Wright.

Peter's website can be found here: https://gynocentrism.com

If you wish to see your video or script hosted as part of the MGTOW Renaissance project, please private message me with your completed work. If you are submitting a script, PM me and I will send you my email address.

The requirements are as follows:
1. The content must be research based.
2. The content must be scripted.
3. The content must demonstrate some form of excellence.
4. If submitting a script, it must be out-of-the-box ready to record.

Videos pertaining to high culture are also accepted. If you wish to conduct exposition on art, architecture, music, opera, or so forth, I will accept your work.

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