24 Dec 2016

Philip Davies Has Joined The Women And Equalities Committee, After No MPs Objected To His Appointment

Conservative Philip Davies has joined the Women and Equalities Committee after no MPs objected to his appointment in the Commons.

YEP: The Shipley MP has previously caused controversy over his campaigning for Parliament to recognise International Men's Day, his attacks on "militant feminists" and most recently by delivering a 77-minute speech against proposals designed to help end violence against women.
Mr Davies was last week accused of attempting to filibuster an SNP-sponsored draft law requiring the Government to ratify the Istanbul Convention, which later cleared its first Commons hurdle.
He argued it was "sexist" to say the focus should only be on violence against women, adding the Bill was "pointless and wrong because not all victims are female and not all offenders are male".
The motion confirming the appointment of Mr Davies was grouped with three other motions, with no objections raised in the chamber when they were read out.

His selection by the Conservatives was to fill an empty seat on the committee.
Mr Davies previously said it would be a "novel innovation and an affront to free speech" if all members of select committees have to share the same opinion.
The Women and Equalities Committee has a remit to scrutinise the Government's performance on equality issues relating to sex, age, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, pregnancy and maternity, marriage or civil partnership status. 

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