31 Jan 2017

Equal Pay Chiefs Can’t Even Get Their Own House In Order

By Philip Davies MP: Philip Davies MP, crusader against political correctness and so-called anti-feminist, is the newest member of Parliament’s Women and Equalities Committee.
Last week he introduced us to the surreal world of the gender equality industry – this week he exposes hypocrisy among its leading lights…
So I asked them what the gender, disability and race pay gaps are at their own organisation. Cue utter consternation.
After a not insignificant amount of waffle and spluttering, it finally emerged that neither the Chairman nor the Chief Executive of the ECHR had the first idea what the pay gaps were at their own organisation despite it being one of their main strategic aims to eliminate these pay gaps across the country!
You couldn’t make it up.
“Let me help you out,” I said as they were clearly struggling, and told them that, according to the latest figures I had, they pay men more than women, they pay non-disabled staff more than disabled staff (by a whopping margin of 13%) and they pay white employees more than ethnic minority staff.
Yes, you read that right – we are talking about the uber politically correct Equalities and Human Rights Commission, and yes, the people in charge had no idea at all.
I told them that if they couldn’t eliminate these pay gaps in their own organisation, how could they expect anyone else to do so. To which we had no answer.
I also asked them how many complaints they had received from members of their own staff for race, disability and sex discrimination.
And you guessed it, the people running the body given taxpayers’ money to stamp out discrimination across society didn’t know that information about their own organisation either.
It made me reminisce about the time a Parliamentary question was asked which discovered that the EHRC’s predecessor organisation – the Commission for Racial Equality – had received 23 complaints in 10 years from members of its own staff for… race discrimination!
I remember asking the Minister to abolish the CRE before they did even more damage to race relations in the country!
Isn’t it just delicious when you can make these politically correct zealots squirm at their own game, and expose the hypocrisy of pontificating to others about things they cannot even manage themselves?


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