25 Jan 2017

Feminist Ewan McGregor Defends Jewish Child Rapist +

They didn’t vote for Trump because he degraded
the image of women in society
Via J4MB: A tip of the hat to ‘chatnoir50’, a commenter on a Guido Fawkes piece, “Feminist” Ewan McGregor defended child rapist Polanski.
Guido: Principled feminist Ewan McGregor pulled out of a TV interview with Piers Morgan this morning, tweetingWon’t go on with him after his comments about #WomensMarch. Worth recalling a different interview McGregor was entirely happy to give: fawning over film director Roman Polanski, who was famously jailed for the rape of a 13-year-old girl whom he drugged and sodomised

Feminist Ewan McGregor
Defends Jewish Child Rapist Polanski
Guido: McGregor said he was “upset” for Polanski, claiming the convicted child abuser is not a danger to society in any way. Polanski is the cause of justified outrage for feminists, so much so that only today he was forced to step down from hosting the French Oscars in disgrace. Ewan’s record means he is hardly a great addition to the sisterhood…


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