4 Jan 2017

Philip Davies And The Temple Of Feminist Zealots

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Earlier today Sargon of Akkad – an influential vlogger with almost 514,000 subscribers – posted a piece including a critique of a recent interview of Philip Davies MP and Caroline Lucas MP (co-leader, Green Party) by the snarky Jo Coburn, a presenter on the flagship BBC lunchtime programme, Daily Politics. The topic of discussion was Davies’s nomination (later confirmed) to the Women and Equalities Committee.
Sargon Of Akkad:

Despite being released only today, the video has already attracted over 27,000 viewers.
Note the strapline at the bottom of the screen, where the BBC termed the piece ‘Equality Committee’. The Guardian has recently started to term the committee likewise, thereby justifying Davies’s point that the words ‘Women and’ should be removed from the committee’s current ridiculous name.
At 19:15 Ms Coburn (in the Daily Politics studio) speaks to Philip Davies (at Westminster), challenging him about his attendance at our London conference, and referring to our monthly awards.


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