20 Jan 2017

Philip Davies MP Interrogates The Chairman And Chief Executive Of The Equality And Human Rights Commission

...about the pay gaps at the EHRC. Oops.
By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: The Board of Commissioners at the EHRC is the highest-level decision-making body in the organization. A list of the commissioners is here. The chair and commissioners are appointed by the Minister for Women and Equalities. Nine of the 12 commissioners are female. Both the chief executive and the deputy chief executive are women. Gender equality is a fine thing, when women are in charge of making appointments.
Last week there was the first meeting of the Women and Equalities Committee since Philip Davies was appointed to it, unopposed.
I won’t inflict on you video footage of Sam Smethers, the head of the Fawcett Society, wittering on. Trust me, you’d lose the will to live. No, instead I’ll direct you to a short piece (video, 2:15) from Sargon of Akkad [above], in which Davies challenges David Isaac, the chair of the EHRC, and Rebecca Hilsenrath, chief executive, about the various pay gaps (not just gender) at the EHRC. The piece was published yesterday and has already attracted 100,000+ views. Enjoy.



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