18 Feb 2017

Theresa May: I Want To Transform How We Think About Domestic Violence

By Mike Buchanan: Here we go again. A piece in the Guardian by a female journalist, refusing to acknowledge domestic abuse of men by women. In the first extract, a duplicitous downplaying of violence against men:

… the Labour party has highlighted rising domestic violence rates since 2009, with an increase in violence against women perpetrated by their acquaintances, violence against women by strangers remaining level, and violence against men continuing to fall. [my highlight]
Violence against men may have fallen overall, but the numbers of convictions of women for domestic violence committed against men have been increasing for many years – can the journalist seriously be unaware of that?
Another extract:

May’s plan to transform the treatment of domestic violence cases in the UK will begin with a consultation lasting 12-18 months, which will seek ideas from charities, victims, providers of services to people suffering domestic abuse and other experts. [my emphasis]
When she was Home Secretary, Theresa May launched a cynical ‘consultation exercise’ which did NOT invite ideas or evidence from ‘experts’, including academics, who have been reporting for 40+ years that women are at least as violent as men towards opposite-sex partners. We can but hope these experts will do all in their power to engage effectively with the consultation.
Our 154-page submission to that Home Office consultation exercise is here. Our thanks to those who wrote the report, titled, ‘Intimate Partner Violence: The Gender Bias Against Men in England and Wales’. The document outlines in detail the anti-male bias of politicians and institutions including Theresa May, Yvette Cooper, Home Office, Crown Prosecution Service, Equality & Human Rights Commission, Ministry of Justice, the police, the judiciary…


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