22 Mar 2017

Domestic Violence Bill - Female Senator Says NGOs Distort Statistics In Bid For Grants

'Russia is now the one that is pro-family and Britain is the one
that is breaking up families with
Theresa May’s Marxist feminist regime.'
Via J, J4MB: Regarding a Piece on RT (Russia Today). By an overwhelming majority of 380 MPs in support and only 3 against, Russia’s Duma passed a bill that decriminalises first time domestic violence that does not result in bodily injury – the UK equivalent of decriminalising first-time common assault as domestic violence. They’ve reduced it to a civil offense. This follows Russia’s passage last year of decriminalising Common Assault between strangers. Common Assault is a ridiculously petty offense that is only twisted, misused and manipulated by accusers.
The UK should follow Russia’s lead by decriminalising Common Assault.
Common Assault also used to be a civil offence in the UK until it was criminalised in 1988. Common assault is a misnomer – no physical assault occurs (that would be battery). Common Assault occurs if you just look at someone the wrong way and they claim to fear that you were going to use physical force on them.
The British domestic violence industry and divorce lawyers love to encourage divorcing women to make these claims so that they get custody of the children. Not only does the man instantly lose the children, but then also his house, his money and then his job given he gets a criminal record on top of it all. Simples.
The Russians are way ahead of the British in recognising the Domestic Violence industry for the group of lying and exaggerating feminists that it is and are pushing back against them. They are obviously fed up with these women’s groups that exaggerate and make things up in order to get more funding. It’s a strange day when the Russians can see the truth of a situation and British lawmakers can’t.
In the UK, Women’s Aid is a core part of this Domestic Violence industry and is a big recipient of UK Home Office Funding. The bigger they make out the problem to be, the more funding they get. The Crown Prosecution Service, Home Office, the Police, criminal lawyers and divorce lawyers all thrive on these allegations being made. The collateral damage they cause to innocent men and families is huge.
The female Russian senator who sponsored the bill, Yelena Mizulina, saw right through the Russian equivalent of these groups and was having none of it: Some quotes:
“She said that the ‘statistics’ quoted by various NGOs which deal with the problem often lacked sources, were obsolete or deliberately misinterpreted.”
“Another example …is the statement that in 2015, 600,000 women in Russia were victims of domestic violence. Real figures are that of about 2.3 million crimes committed that year, 600,000 were committed against women – but this includes all crimes, with larceny and business embezzlement.”
“They also have a very mercantile interest in promoting this agenda. The thing is, Western countries have grant programs for NGOs that fight domestic violence….NGOs inflate the importance of this topic in order to increase the overall funds allocated to fight the problem and also as part of competition for the existing ones.”
“Child protection services have developed in such a way that they see the family as one of the most dangerous places for children. but this is entirely wrong – the family, especially the biological family, is one of the safest places and it must be protected.”
In less than three decades since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia is now the one that is pro-family and Britain is the one that is breaking up families with Theresa May’s Marxist feminist regime.


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