31 Mar 2017

‘This House Belives Feminism Is Outdated’ - Bath University Debating Society

TheLondonGroup: A debate took place at Bath University, UK, on 28th February 2017. The title of the debate was ‘This House believes Feminism is Outdated.’ A lively and heated exchange of views took place. Enjoy.
Forming the proposition were –
Elizabeth Hobson – Member of Liberty Belles, a group of women fighting Feminism.
Natoya Raymond – Co-director of Women Against Feminism.
Belinda Brown – Writer for Coservative Woman and the Daily Mail.
Forming the opposition were –
Rebecca Fairbairn – Co-leader of Bath Branch of Women’s Equality Party.
Tessa Munt – Former Liberal Democrat MP for Wells.
Zeid Haj Hassan Truscott – Student at Bath University and member of Gender Equality Group.

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