24 Mar 2017

Will The Red Pill Kill The Wicked Witch?

Men Are Good!: The award winning Red Pill Movie is a great ambassador for men's issues. It speaks the truth in a powerful and honest manner. It is pissing lots of people off, mostly feminists. They are doing their best to ban the film. They are also personally attacking the director and some of those who are featured. This video looks at the reasons for this and offers some ideas about productive paths we can take.

for more info on the Red Pill you can go here:


Sign the petition! http://ow.ly/RsOX30a5JLl

Buy The Red Pill --- http://amzn.to/2mIzdb2

Rent The Red Pill -- http://amzn.to/2n1k1HE

For a review of the movie by menaregood go to

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