6 Apr 2017

On Labour And Truthfulness

By Gilad Atzmon: If the Labour Party can’t deal with historical truth, it had better be dumped.
If truth-telling brings the Labour Party into ‘disrepute’ then this party must be shunned and the sooner the better.
If Jeremy Corbyn is ‘damaged’ by Ken Livingstone telling the truth, then Livingstone should be leading the Labour Party.
The Jews who happen to be offended by historical facts may be foreign to the Western civilised ethos.
If the Holocaust is part of our curriculum, then Zionist collaboration with Nazi Germany isn’t just “Ken’s fascination with the 1930s.”

Finally, you may as well want to ask yourself why the ‘sensitivities’ of 0.5% of Britain’s population are such a big concern for the Labour Party and MP Streeting? Is it because the Labour Party subscribes to Jerusalem rather than Athens? 

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