1 May 2017

Former US IRS Agent Sherry Peel Jackson Exposes Income Tax Federal Reserve Connection

"The money is being stolen from you! ...All that other stuff, they do that so that we can fight each other while they build this cage around us that I call the sheeple corral, ...This issue is unifying in every way, racially, religiously, this is all of us are being suppressed as slaves by all of them, the power elite [non auditable private central banking cartel]." Said Sherry Peel Jackson.

Zionist Report: Sherry Peel Jackson a well-known former IRS agent, found out the truth about the IRS and Federal Reserve scam, and began speaking out nationwide and ultimately got tried and convicted of will fully neglecting to file her taxes. She tells us her experience and how she learned to get around the IRS.

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