29 May 2017

UK General Election: Conservatives Outline Domestic Violence Plans For The 51%

Denial of the existence of male victims continues as usual.
Via Jeff, J4MB: This piece on the BBC.
Perhaps with the new commission the Conservatives are proposing, Mike, they will identify that men are also victims in a significant number of cases of DV and should be helped as well.
Sadly, Jeff’s optimism is surely misplaced. Feminists working for Women’s Aid and other organizations in the DV industry are deeply influential in the Home Office and in other relevant government departments. There is no mention in the BBC piece of male victims, and the photograph at the top is of a man’s clenched fist, with a woman cowering in the background. Excerpts:

Ms Rudd [Home Secretary] said: “The fact is that across the country [standards] are varied, and part of [the reason for] this legislation and having a commissioner is to make sure that we raise standards everywhere, so that women [J4MB: our emphasis] get a good service, wherever they are.” [J4MB: Ms Rudd cannot be bothered to even pretend to give a damn about male victims.]

Sarah Green, co-director of the End Violence Against Women [J4MB: our emphasis] Coalition, welcomed the Conservative plans…
“We hope for an end to women [J4MB: our emphasis] and children being forced to flee for their lives while perpetrators [J4MB translation: men] walk free and continue their coercive control through the family courts.”

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