27 May 2017

Lorraine Atkinson: Violent And Dangerous Places

The rise in prison suicides in England and Wales
Via Mo, J4MB: This lengthy piece on the website ‘OpenDemocracyUK’. Lorraine Atkinson is a Senior Policy Officer at the Howard League for Penal Reform. As we’d expect from anyone working for the HLPR, there’s not a single sentence in the article referring to the gendered nature of prisons, with 95% of prisoners being men.
The HLPR is not alone in its anti-male bias. The following can be found on our party’s Wikipedia page, the statements by Jenny Earle of the Prison Reform Trust are outright lies:
The party co-hosted the second International Conference on Men’s Issues in London, between 8 and 10 July 2016 in association with A Voice for Men. Conservative member of parliament Philip Davies, a member of the Justice Select Committee, spoke to the conference asserting that the criminal justice system favours women’s over men’s rights. [J4MB: He provided plenty of evidence to prove his ‘assertion’.]
Jenny Earle, director of Prison Reform Trust’s programme for reducing women’s imprisonment [J4MB: our emphasis – the PRT has no programme for reducing men’s imprisonment] in response said, “The evidence is not that women are treated more leniently. In fact they are twice as likely as men to receive a custodial sentence for a first offence, and the main offence for which women are imprisoned is theft and shoplifting”.
At times people have posted evidence on our Wikipedia entry, proving that these statements are lies, but that material has always been removed by feminist editors. Last month we posted a piece, Feminist manipulations of the J4MB Wikipedia entry. It includes an example of the text removed by feminist editors.


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