13 Jun 2017

A Message For Andrew O’Keefe

Irishkacanning: A message to Andrew O'Keefe of network 7's Sunrise program about his treatment of Cassie Jay , director of The Red Pill Documentary. https://au.tv.yahoo.com/sunrise/video...
Dear Mr O’Keefe, ...My name is Greg Canning and I am an advocate for the issues facing men and boy, I have previously written extensively for and retain an honorary staff position avoiceformen.com. I am well respected general medical practitioner and have served my local community for 30 years. I am your normal Aussie bloke and as such ….. I am disgusted by the way you treated Cassie Jay on the Sunrise segment this Sunday morning.
To criticise anyone’s artistic work let alone a young woman who had spent 3 years of her life making such a work, whilst having not seen the full work yourself is the height of ignorance and frankly un-Australian .
Your treatment of Cassie on the show is by your own definition misogynistic, rather than listening to a women’s opinion and acknowledging a women’s way of knowing, you made an aggressive effort to silence a women’s opinion by mansplaining something of which you had little actual knowledge.
Your public misogyny has of course not escaped attention over the years. Perhaps the hypocrisy of a married man who is an ambassador for White Ribbon Australia drunkenly groping a young woman in the street escapes you? But to echo the words of other White Ribbon Ambassadors Ex Commissioner Ken Ley and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull – that is the sort of grubby behaviour and disrespect for women that leads to violence against women. And yes, your verbal abuse of Cassie would be defined by White Ribbon as violence against women as well.

Had you see the film particularly the ending your repeated concerns regarding an article paul Elam wrote would have been addressed.
I have seen Cassies film several times first in Oct last year in New York. I can tell you that if most ordinary Australians were to come across this film on the ABC or SBS they would be no more confronted or offended than it than by any other piece of balanced investigative journalism. The hysteria you attempt to attach to it is simply shameful.
You implied that the sexes need to work together to find solutions for the issues we all face and on that I agree with you, which is why I am so grateful for the many wonderful women’s voices now advocating for the men and boys as well as women and girls.
As Robert Brockway has done, I invite you to come to Townsville and speak directly to me, look me in the eye and tell me how my concern for men and boys is misogynistic. Do you have the courage of your courage of your convictions Andrew , somehow I doubt it??

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