5 Jul 2017

How To Raise Public Awareness Of Anti-Feminism And Annoy Feminists At The Same Time - Win/Win

By Mike Buchanan: I was walking near my house earlier this afternoon, in the throbbing metropolis of Bedford, when a young woman (in her 20s, I think) pushing a child in a buggy, crossed the road (forcing a car to stop in the process) and wagged her finger at me, whilst wearing a hatchet-faced expression which should have immediately told me she was a feminist. She came up to me and explained that she objected to the text on my polo shirt:

This is what an anti-feminist looks like
It’s one of the top-selling items in the J4MB summer shirt collection, here. She explained that she had been on a Gender Studies course, feminism is about gender equality, and I was clearly in need of a female ‘love bomb’, whatever that might be. She owns a T-shirt bearing the text, ‘This is what a feminist looks like’, presumably the one sold by the Fawcett Flossies. The ensuing conversation was as pointless as you’d expect. It was (predictably) like trying to debate with a particularly dim-witted child, as efforts to debate with feminists invariably are. I don’t know why I bothered.
I seek to wear such shirts at least four days a week, and they’ve resulted in some interesting conversations, as well as having the added benefit of annoying feminists.
We have it on our ‘To do’ list to add two new shirt designs, “Men’s rights are human rights” and “FEMINISM IS CANCER”. Let me know if you’d like to order the designs, and we’ll put them up within 24 hours.


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