25 Jul 2017

Making Politics Great Again?

Max and Stacy talk to former mayor of Pittsboro, NC, Randy Voller, about how to Make Politics Great Again. Voller offers up solutions to our democratic deficit. In the second half they talk to John Titus about how to make the financial system great again and whether or not there is a way for the ordinary citizen to force the laws to be applied against banking crimes.

1 comment:

  1. Delegating our democracies to self-serving middlepersons like big fatso Voller here is what has landed us in this position in the first place. Randy Voller is either out of touch or a straight up establishment con artist, ...he's a fat hog trying to perpetuate the con of fat hogs at the trough. The very last thing we need to do is vote for more like him.

    If we could all not vote so that these bribable fat hog middlepersons could go the way of the dodo ASAP, then perhaps we could finally get on with using virtually unbreakable codes to have real democracy where we all vote, but not for big fat bribable pigs who never do what we want of them but are just there to get the biggest bribes possible, but instead to vote ourselves on every single issue or on our own heads be it.

    Are we not all educated? I trust the people would be more practical than we might think, when push comes to shove and if it was up to us. I trust that we would not vote for war, I trust that we would maintain and improve our society markedly within a surprisingly short time. The con is the unspoken fallacy that true democracy would result in mob rule. I say that society at any time including today is built on trust and there is no reason that trust could not continue given well conceived parameters, as it did with democracy in it's original form, which is after all what I am proposing.

    We do not have democracy with these middlepersons, we have a similar problem to that of a unified European state that was after all conceived by the CIA for the purpose of simplifying America's owner's the Jewish elite's job of bringing Europeans into their crusades to Balkanize and suck the world dry.