26 Jul 2017

Michael Winnel - Sexual Pleasure With A Foreskin & Without - Genital Mutilation Of Children & Violence

Bonobo3D: World traveller Michael Winnel discusses meeting intactivists in Washington DC, his observations about public responses while protesting, sexual pleasures of foreskin, and his thoughts about how genital mutilation of children influences violence in society.

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  1. You make excellent points Michael. ...Genital Mutilation Of Children and Violence clearly requires further study. There is much known evidence that is screaming for further dissection, not necessarily causative, but certainly highly suspicious, for example, published and accepted government figures are highly suggestive and correlative with military actions. As stated in the USA around 70% of the men are ritually genitally mutilated, ...they have a larger budget than all the other nations in the world combined. Another example, JSIL the Jewish 'apartheid' [stated recent UN report] state where presumably very close to 100% are genitally mutilated, it is common knowledge that they are responsible directly and indirectly via lobbying for virtually every conflict on the planet and openly claim [and with mountainous evidence to support the assertion and zero contradictions] that they in fact control and direct the USA, who dutifully vetoes the overwhelming majority of the rest of the world's disgust.