23 Jul 2017

Philip Davies: BBC Presenter Mishal Husain Acted Like Spokeswoman For Corbyn In Interview With Boris Johnson

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Appalling. Excerpts:
Tory tensions with the BBC boiled over on June 6 after Husain was accused of acting like a spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn in an interview with the Foreign Secretary.
The pair were embroiled in a bad-natured exchange that saw Husain ask Johnson toplease stop talking.
A clearly frustrated Boris replied: Stop talking? You invited me onto this show to talk.’ The appearance sparked off a storm of complaints from Tory MPs.
However, Today editor Sarah Sands has since claimed Mr Johnson apologised after the encounter.
She told The Times Magazine: ‘Boris himself told me later she wasn’t rude and admitted he was a bit hectoring.
‘I think many woman will love her saying, “please stop talking”.’ [J4MB: Sands, a former editress of The Evening Standard, is showing her feminist colours here. If John Humphrys told, say, Emily Thornberry (or Yvette Balls, Jess Phillips, Harriet Harman…) to “please stop talking”, would she say she thought many men would love him saying that?]
Tory MP Philip Davies said the interview was outrageous’.
‘Husain was acting as if she was the official spokeswoman for Jeremy Corbyn,’ he told MailOnline.
‘The BBC is terribly biased but this was a new low even for the BBC.’

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