17 Jul 2017

Striking Back At Liars And Frauds

Feminism KEK: Find out what you can do to protect the Canadian legal system. Keep your complaints brief: Links below:

Complaint form to Law Society of Upper Canada

Information about Andre Marin required for the complaint:

Suggested text:
In an article published in the Toronto Sun July 2017, Andre Marin used his legal credentials to mislead the public about Bill C-51(2017) and rape shield provisions. As an officer of the court, this conduct is scandalous to the legal profession and undermines public faith in the legal system.

Attach a printed copy of the article.
Suggested course of action:
Mr. Marin should be investigated for ethics violations and prevented from further abusing his credentials as an officer of the court.

Marin's article:

Barbara Kay's response:

Wizard of Oz clip:

Conor McGregor insult compilation:

Andre Marin's Wikipedia page:

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