3 Aug 2017

‘Celebrates Maleness’ - Feminists Slam Dunkirk Movie

"It will never end. It will happen again. We are so intelligent
and do such astonishing things. We can fly to the
moon, but we still do such stupid things."
Said male French Legion of Honour recipient (a Chevalier or Knight) and Dunkirk survivor.
Feminist Ms. 'I've got a plastic' Bonner is a blithering idiot
Telegraph: Feminist film reviewer has been widely criticised after claiming the blockbuster movie Dunkirk is an excuse for "men to celebrate maleness".
Misandrist Mehera Bonner, writing in fashion magazine Marie Claire, also said Christopher Nolan's historical epic was for "men to men-out over".
Ms 'I've got a plastic' Bonner has since been roundly chastised on Twitter with one critic telling her it was a movie about people "who died for your freedom you selfish moron". Read More

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