13 Aug 2017

ICMI18 International Conference Men (& Boys) Issues, The Buchanan Files

By Mike Buchanan: The deadline for bids to host ICMI18 expired two days ago, we’re delighted to report that the fourth International Conference on Men’s IssuesICMI18 will definitely take place next summer. It will again last for three days, Friday – Sunday. Some details are still being ironed out. The venue, dates, and other key details will be revealed in coming weeks. We confidently predict another highly successful conference. We’ve just set up the conference website, why not sign up for automatic notifications of new blog pieces?
We’re still in the early stages of booking speakers, but some important figures have already agreed to attend and speak.
We’d much appreciate your suggestions on how the conference format might change so as to improve the delegates’ conference experience. We’re prepared to reduce the number of speakers to accommodate good suggestions – there were 20 speakers at ICMI16, 18 at ICMI17. As a guide to the broad ICMI format, the timetable for ICMI16 (London) is here. Please supply your suggestions no later than 17:00 GMT, 25 August. Thanks.
Next month we’ll start publishing the first of The Buchanan Files, a series of short videos inspired by The Fiamengo File. The videos will be short – generally five minutes long, or less – and will be about key topics. They will have links to plenty of materials for those with an interest in exploring individual topics further. Topics currently being considered for the series include, in no particular order:

  • Feminism, gynocentrism, misandry
  • Male Genital Mutilation
  • Domestic violence
  • The state’s war on the nuclear family
  • Suicide
  • Healthcare provision
  • Prison sentencing
  • The Red Pill
  • Karen Straughan and Janice Fiamengo
  • William Collins
  • Education
  • Employment
  • An address to university students and academics
Because of the workload imposed by preparations for ICMI18 and The Buchanan Files, posting pieces onto this blog will have to go on the back burner in coming weeks. Please accept our apologies for not being able to respond to all emails, normal service will resume at some point. The volume of emails we receive these days is difficult to handle even in normal circumstances.


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