20 Aug 2017

Jew Loving Is The Way Forward

By Gilad Atzmon: Once a week, a British Jewish institution publishes statistics that measure how much Jews are hated by their neighbours and how unhappy the Jews are in the kingdom. No other people thinks to measure and publish the statistics of their popularity.  A new poll by the Campaign Against Antisemitsm (CAA) published yesterday, reveals that one in six British Jews (17%) reported feeling unwelcome in Britain. Over a third (37%) said they had felt the need to conceal their Judaism in public. As if this weren't devastating enough, 31% of British Jews have considered moving abroad. And as you might expect, 80% reckon that the Labour party is too tolerant of anti-Semitism. However, another poll conducted by YouGov for the same CAA, also published yesterday, found that anti-Semitic attitudes in UK society  declined from 45% in 2015 to 36% in 2017.  
So while the Brits are rapidly becoming less ‘antisemitic’ the Jews are growing increasingly fearful of their neighbours.  
How do we explain this anomaly? The less hated British Jews are, the more insecure they seem to feel.
If these statistics reveal a genuine behavioural dynamic, then we can assume that by the time British society is entirely consumed by love and admiration for their Jews, there won’t be a single Jew left in the kingdom. The Jews will all wander off to places where they can be genuinely hated. 
Amalek, Khmelnytskyi, Hitler were all wrong! Jew hatred doesn't break the Jews, on the contrary it seems to empower their existential enthusiasm. It is love that diminishes Jewish confidence. True harmony may as well, obliterates the tactics of  tribal survival. 
This is not an original observation.  There was a Jew who was around a while back who realised that loving your neighbour is the way forward. He was nailed to some wood but he came back. Of course, discussing love may cost me a few gig cancelations, but I will surely bounce back. 


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