6 Aug 2017

Roots And Culture

GlobalFaction: Ancient Kushites [Ghana] feat. Raiz Sativa Band [Chile]
- The minds of men today are stirred with eager questionings about the origin of civilization and about the part the different races of mankind played in its development from primitive ages. But this music video is to educate this generation, Our story deals with the Ancient Cushite Empire of Ethiopians, that covered three continents and held unbroken sway for three thousand years. We say its time the world visit old Ethiopia, where as Herodotus said, "the gods delighted to banquet with the pious inhabitants." To study the lands rich root and culture of the Ancient race. The "Old Race...

Angelo: Ethiopia. On reading my Greek cultures classics Iliad and Odyssey [among others] I discovered it is stated that my Northern Cypriot ancestors constituted certain ships and men of the Greek army that set off to fight the Trojans and that those ancient Cypriots from the North Western tribe [Kyrenia area] came from as far afield as Athens and Northern Ethiopia. In effect the Greek classics report that I am part Ethiopian and vice versa Northern Ethiopians are part Greek/Athenian. ...It's a small world my dear brothers and sisters. I am proud of my Ethiopian ancestry; I hope Ethiopians take pride in their Hellenic ancestry once they have discovered it. On the subject of Greek. It is suggested [and I agree] that there is a struggle at this moment between two opposing views that of Athens and that of Jerusalem. Athens represents reason and Jerusalem represents mysticism or the life of free inquiry on the one hand, the life of obedience to arbitrary laws on the other. It appears that Ethiopians above all else have to make that choice. Haile Selassie I claimed to be part of the Solomonic dynasty, I guess others might put more light on that for me and yet way before the self proclaimed Jewish king of the Ethiopians even before some decided to make up the Christ story out of two old Greek stories about Osiris and Dionysus [the born of virgin, died, resurrected yarn], centuries and more before that, the Greeks wrote of the Trojan war and of Ethiopian Greeks Cypriots. So which one is it? I stay with Athens and I implore my Ethiopian brothers to put aside Zion, because Zion, the filth of which is clear for all to see in this lame-stream media age, is so wrong, let me count some of the ways, if free thinker v brain dead wasn't enough to help you figure out which side you're on ...slaughtered tens of millions of Russian Christians, ran North Atlantic Black slavery for 400 of the most recent black slavery years and had twice as many personal black slaves proportionally than any other North American group, have set the Middle East and North Africa on fire today and so much more.

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