13 Aug 2017

Statistically Significant Spatial Stupidity

"They have different genitals, but everything else is a social construct, in fact even genitals are a social construct, because you know, just because my clitoris is a little long and my ovaries hang outside my body, my 'X' chromosome is missing a leg doesn't make me any less a woman." Said Turd Flinging Monkey.
“Picture yourself as a stereotypical male”

Where are the Gender Differences? Male Priming Boosts Spatial Skills in Women

Men, Women and Spatial Intelligence

Nurture affects gender differences in spatial abilities.

Sex Difference On Spatial Skill Test Linked To Brain Structure

Blind recruitment trial to boost gender equality making things worse, study reveals

Intro/Outro Music: "Fling My Turds" by Red Pill Chemist
Background Music: "Show your Love" by Otis McDonald. Courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library.

Monkey Image: "Male chimpanzee in business clothes - Stock image" by Lise Gagne. Licensed from Getty Images.

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