31 Dec 2017

Fatty McFat Face - Big Woman BIGGER Ego - MGTOW

Sandman: Shoveler says: "Hello Sandman, I have a story from this evening. I was in Winnipeg at a Bar with a co-worker. We were just two guys stuck in town doing a course for our careers. We went out on a Friday night to blow off some steam and sing Kareoke. We had a blast. I was sipping coffee and my buddy was having a few beers. I was the designated driver. We took turns singing tunes, and I spent some time playing an instrument as well. I have a strong ear, and several people I didn't know were asking me to get up on stage with them to play and back them up. I wasn't perfect, but I had fun it was a great night. Near the end of our singing adventure, a very heavy woman walked into the bar. She sat at the table next to us.
She took off her jacket and revealed a T shirt that was basically see through down the center so we could see her cleavage and all those rolls of fat jiggling around. She abruptly asked me if I was singing and playing music, then in quick succession asked if I was single. I said that I was seeing someone in another province. She questioned what that meant, and I said I was dating someone. She then announced that I was full of horse poop and lying, etc. Then she questioned my friend and got a similar answer. I quickly ignored her. Her friends arrived. She started loudly talking about how I didn't like her, and that I probably wanted to call her a bunch of nasty things such as the "C" word. She even said that many guys call her terrible things but she doesn't care etc. After years of abuse at the hands of modern day women, I honestly wasn't shocked or surprised by her behaviour, and I honestly didn't care enough to spend another second talking to her, not even to call her names. Her friends tried to get our attention, and to patch up their friends lousy attitude and rude behaviour. Neither my friend or I said anything or acknowledged their presence. We were thinking about calling it a night anyway, and had planned to leave well before these women arrived on the scene. The waitresses, the host.. there were other females in the room who were a pleasure to talk to. I have nothing against most women, although I don't 100% trust them anymore. On the way back to our dormitory, my buddy and I chatted in the car; both of us bewildered. This woman was likely in her mid 30's, very overweight, not super attractive, and worse her personality sucked. She was rude to us, demanding, and had nothing kind to say to us.

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