20 Dec 2017

Julie Bindel: “Yes, There’s A Major Problem With Rape Prosecutions. But It’s Not That Women Are Lying.”

By : A piece by Julie Bindel in The Guardian, packed with the unsubstantiated anecdotes and absurd ‘arguments by assertion’ for which she’s long been infamous. An extract:

Why are more people not up in arms about the huge numbers of false assertions of men’s innocence; false allegations of women’s complicity; and false allegations of how women deserve or enjoy nonconsensual sex? After all, significant numbers of women, and some men, are raped, sexually assaulted, sexually harassed, and sexually violated, and we know that it is more likely that the actual rape victim will end up in prison (as a result of the damage done to her and the knock-on effects throughout her life) than her rapist. [J4MB emphasis. Oddly, there’s no link to evidence to substantiate the claim. Why might that be?]
And how about this for classic Bindel misinformation?

Bearing in mind that only 6% of rape cases end up with a rape conviction for rape in this country, [J4MB: Bindel is referring here to rape ALLEGATIONS – referring to them as ‘rape cases’ is deliberately misleading, as it implies all allegations are genuine (victims must be believed, men who deny rape must not be believed). Most allegations don’t result in trials, for a variety of reasons. In a typical year, 30-45% of men who are charged with rape end up being convicted] that would mean that 94% of women thatwho (sic) report it are lying, that would mean a vast number of women are lying.
[J4MB emphasis: That may be the case, but Bindel’s statistic implies no more than that in the majority of cases of rape allegations, the police / CPS are disinclined to take the matter to trial, and even when there is a trial, in more than 50% of cases juries decide the evidence is not of a sufficient standard to convict the men. A proportion of the women in those cases will certainly be lying, possibly the majority, but we cannot know how many. After all, what incentive is there for a woman who’s made a false rape allegation, to admit she’d lied? None. Given the (very remote) possibility of the woman later being prosecuted for perverting the course of justice and/or wasting police time, the strong incentive is to maintain the lie.]
After being exposed to Bindel’s writing, you may need some light relief. So it is that I recommend a short video (4:15) published two years ago by 5hadowfax, 1945: Adolf Hitler starts to question his own insanity after being exposed to Julie Bindel. Enjoy.


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