12 Jan 2018

Dr Jeffrey Ketland, Speaker At International Men's Conference ICMI18: “A Feminist Witch Hunt At Oxford University”

By , J4MB: We’ve just announced on the conference website details of a new speaker, Dr Jeffrey Ketland, formerly of Oxford University – here.
Dr Ketland’s original description for the speaker page was as follows:
Dr Ketland is a professional logician, mathematician and academic philosopher, whose research is in mathematical logic, paradoxes, the foundations of mathematics and science. He was the victim of Charlotte Coursier, a Borderline Personality Disordered stalker and psychopath, for more than two years. She committed suicide when her boyfriend ended the relationship. He was then the victim of a feminist vigilante lynch mob and witch hunt of false accusations, harassment and intimidation, which ran him out of his job at Oxford, and ran him and his family out of their home. He was reinstated when he proved that these allegations were fabricated lies distributed by vigilantes.
A piece by Dr Ketland, linking to materials on his experiences, is here. His account of being stalked by Charlotte Coursier is here.


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