8 Jun 2018

Impact Of Suicide, U.K. Survey

By : An important piece of research is currently being conducted at The University of Manchester, led by Sharon McDonnell, into the impact of bereavement by suicide. 5292 people have participated so far – making it the largest suicide bereavement study internationally already and the study has been referred to in the House of Commons.
Around 810,000 are bereaved by suicide in the U.K. It is a major public and mental health issue, with those bereaved by suicide being at a significant risk of dying by suicide themselves. There is currently no specialist service in NHS to support those bereaved by suicide and health professionals are often anxious and uncertain how to respond to them. Providing better information and support is a key priority in England’s suicide prevention strategy and this research will provide an integral resource for policy makers.
The link to be a part of this study is here.


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