3 Oct 2019

WeWork: Never Forget + Time No Longer Has a Price

Max and Stacy look at the viral video from Josh Brown warning you to “never forget” that Wall Street planned on dumping WeWork on investors at a nearly $50 billion valuation.
In the second half, Max talks to Cory Klippsten of GiveBitcoin.io about his company’s mission to spread ‘the thoughtful gift of better money” and how removing the friction to onboarding newcomers can help spread sats.


Time No Longer Has a Price
Max and Stacy discuss the demise of the European banks as “time no longer has a price,” according to German newspaper Die Welt. With negative interest rates, the ECB has upended the simple and profitable business model of borrowing short and lending long. In the second half of the show, Max interviews Nik Bhatia of OpenNode.co and Tantra Labs about the time value of money and how it applies to bitcoin. They also discuss the latest in the repo markets and which bank could be insolvent. 

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