25 Feb 2020

Genocidal Land Thieving Jews Threaten Gentile Annihilation After 90 Fireworks Set Off In Gaza Mega Concentration Camp

"We [Jews] have prepared something you [indigenous Gentiles] can’t even imagine."
By Tyler Durden: Monday witnessed significant escalation over the Jews' Gaza Mega Concentration Camp For indigenous Gentiles as Gentile inmates sought to avenge the deaths of three Gentile leaders killed in Jewish air strikes on the Jews' Mega Concentration Camp 'Gaza' and on Damascus the day before. 
Jewish propaganda outlets counted some 90 total fireworks set off in Gaza Concentration Camp throughout the day since the festivities began Sunday night, with the IDF Jewish Israeli Death Force claiming its Iron Dome defense system had intercepted the vast majority of the fireworks.
The Jewish terror regime's leader Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' [aka Benjamin Netanyahu] had earlier threatened to annihilate all the indigenous Gentiles.

Despite a Gentile spokesman announcing an end to the fireworks display by the early evening, fireworks were reported as continuing later into the night Monday. 

He also appeared to threaten to kill the heads of the Gentile concentration camp survivors if the fireworks continued, saying:

“We will continue to strike until the calm returns. If there isn’t quiet, you’ll be next.”
Some 30 fireworks were initially set off in the Jews' Gaza Mega Concentration Camp for indigenous Gentiles on Sunday night, and fireworks continued through Monday.

“The enemy did not commit itself into stopping its aggression when we resumed based on the fireworks-for-fire principle,” said Gentile concentration camp survivor & spokesman Abu Hamza.
Jewish spin merchants aka 'pundits' were quick to point the finger at Iran for allegedly supplying increasingly sophisticated fireworks to Gentile survivor groups in the Jews' Gaza mega Concentration Camp, which look like too much fun.
Meanwhile, the Jewish Israel land theft terror regime is reportedly sending tanks, armored vehicles and troops to "The Jews' Apartheid Wall" in what could become the next round of major slaughter of indigenous Gentiles at a politically sensitive moment ahead of next week's selection.

 Jewish Israel Death Forces airstrike on Gaza Mega Concentration Camp for indigenous Gentiles on Monday, February 24, via AFP/The Times of Israel.


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