25 Oct 2015

Why One Activist Thinks We Need A Men's Movement

Angelo Agathangelou: Having been a part of the MRM* for many years and more than that our efforts having had many accolades a decade ago as prize winning activism several years running and bearing in mind that last year the mature movement had its first international conference in Detroit, 
USA with international representatives, nearly half the speakers being women and academics, it is irritating to say the least that the lame-stream media, in this case CNN nails us to the wall with a very poor misrepresentation of the MRM vanguard. I simply had to point that fact out to them.

Letter to CNN: Regarding the article by Kevin Powell, Special to CNN 'Why One Activist Thinks We Need A Men's Movement' Are you all retarded at CNN or by design misrepresenting the actual men’s movement that held the first international conference last year in Detroit USA with members and academic speakers representing from around the world, India, the UK and further afield?

Fathers4Justice UK started in 2002 to confront one aspect of the issues facing men and boys and you have the audacity to print this utter tripe whilst the vanguard wrestles with the ubiquitous inequalities men face! You disgust me.

In a country where MGM [circumcision] is legal, where it is legal to strap a little baby boy to a table and rip off 60% of the pleasure sensors from his little penis without anesthetic, ritual misandric infant genital mutilation, [illegal to mutilate infant girls this way] where it is legal for Jewish witch doctor pedophiles [Metzitzah B'peh] to in addition suck off their little mutilated bleeding penises in public, ...you dare in 2015 to push this tired mentally lowest common denominator rubbish on the people, whilst denying the existence of the mature men's rights movement.

Either you are mentally retarded or you hold your readers in utter contempt.

If you really wish to understand the problems facing men:
4 times the suicide rate, up from 2:1 40 years ago
Down to 35% at University from around 50% 20 years ago
May legally be ritually genitally mutilated as infants [Illegal for girls]
Virtually 100% of workplace deaths
The vast majority dying in conflicts
The only gender that owes conscription to the state for its right to vote
No progenitive rights to speak of
Twice as likely to be imprisoned for the exact same crime
Do twice the prison time for the exact same crime
Even the wage disparity has been debunked by every serious academic
Basically men trump women in every event of the victim Olympics although given reporting like yours you would think that the reverse was true.

If you wish to truly represent your male and female readership in confronting the above issues and more that have been identified and addressed over the past decade and a half by the new millennium men's rights movement you can contact me, I would be happy to share some of my contacts with you. There are many excellent MRA authors, men, women of all sexual persuasions and broad political affiliations and many academics. I'm surprised you missed them all and went for this guff instead.

Frankly at this point you are the problem, you are creating the ignorance with this shallow gynocentric reporting. HeForShe nonsense when any sane person would be pursuing WeForEachOther. Your utter contempt for women is similarly loathsome. You report that women have no agency, you create the narrative of victimhood for women. 

Do you identify with your own reported story, http://edition.cnn.com/2015/10/19/living/mens-movement-kevin-powell-feat/ ? Were 1 out of 4 of the women in your University raped? When will you say about men and our issues, "one is too many"? Or does that go contrary to the US war effort and the Neo-Con-Artist agenda?

Conclusion: Read the CNN article if you wish, it was the same old gynocentric bollocks. My message remains, send off a quick response to every affront to our movement and every half-step, write to your Congress Man, MP and any lame-stream media outlet, stand up in your University and your club, in your primary and secondary school and point them to the movement until our voice is heard.

*MRM/MHRM - Men's [Human] Rights Movement

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