4 Oct 2016

Anti-MGM Protest At The Conservative Party Conference

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Our anti-MGM protest today was very successful. We handed out around 2,000 leaflets, and engaged in many productive discussions with delegates (and a number of MPs) – much like what we achieved in last year’s conference in Manchester. The most common topic of discussion was the illegality of MGM in the UK, which came as a surprise to many, who understandably – but incorrectly – assumed the commonality of the procedure reflected legality.
We’ve been taking video footage throughout on our bodycams, and The Forgotten Man (from The London Group) has taken some footage to give a sense of the activities. We’ll be posting footage after editing, in the next week or two.
We plan to be outside the ICC tomorrow morning, from around 9am. Please join us, and show your support for male minors being spared genital mutilation on religious or cultural grounds.
The photo is of a few of the people who protested today, including a lady from Ulster who flew over for the protest, with her partner.


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