10 May 2017

You’d Like To Attend The Web Summit, Lisbon, 2017?

Great! Ticket price for those with vaginas, 85 Euros
for those with penises, 850 Euros.
By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Ken writes:

Hey Mike,
Thought I’d share my disappointment with you. I follow your work closely and am a big supporter! 
I just graduated University last year with 27k in debt. I believe networking and attending conferences is a great way for young graduates to get out into the market and advance one’s career. I was looking at the Web Summit event which is held in Lisbon this year, which has a ticket price of 850 Euros, or 85 Euros if you happen to be a womanhere. Last year they let women in for free, but most of the ones who claimed a free ticket didn’t go, so this year they’re giving them a 90% discount.
How is this in any way fair? I fail to see any logic in this differential pricing…

Thanks for your work.
All the best,
Maybe the men wishing to attend the event should claim they self-indentify as women?


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