2 Sep 2006

THE "2006" St George West PARTY in the park

We hope this is the beginning of an annual event to promote the interests of our park. Send your pictures of the party for posting here. Thanks to Body English and all contributors.

All the preparation doesn't stop us having fun. Weather permitting.

We have to say it was a good day... Thanks to the many more people to who did our survey on the day, it's getting big and we are now getting a far clearer picture. I think we should soon be able to post feedback on the main issues and most wanted changes. Remember, we have sparked of a citywide action by the council and so our survey will be handed to the parks manager as part of this so please continue to send your suggestions or post them right here.

Update: 14th of January 2007
Look what they did to our blog art. We like the colour though. If they were only as judicious at keeping our park in order and up to date.






  1. Why is an old post from 2006 so popular in 2012 I ask myself. A glitch in the matrix? Anyway thanks for looking.

    Our 'Blog Art' (top picture) was created by the kids that use our local skate and cycle area that is part of 'St George Park'.

    At the time we paid more respect to those whom we now refer to as 'the local government monkeys'.

    As you can see by their practical response, they were always swift to wipe out any possibilities of discussion or debate and progress. Note that at the time, the park benches were in ruins and the council was planning to fell most of the trees.

    The effort required just to be able to fix our own park against the opposition of these local no action government monkeys was purposefully draining. Over 20 years of power they had destroyed our grand local library and replaced it with what looks like a toilet facility and let our park go to hell. (In the Victorian era our park had won accolades)

    Many thanks to our local retired resident Mr Trevor Ball who is largely responsible for fixing dozens of our park benches for free.

    Many thanks to George Ramelkamp, Chair of our 'Friends of St George Park' group. He saved the trees virtually by himself.

    For our part... We got people together and stirred up a little descent in an effort to preserve general freedoms for self determination against the nanny/police state... whats new?

    There's some pride above, but let us not forget. The brain rinsed bankster shill government monkeys are still running St George down. Imagine what we could achieve without them. Who needs them?

    Let us END BANKOCRACY - DEMAND OPEN DIRECT GOVERNMENT AN END TO PATENT and COPYRIGHT LAW, A MODERN DEBT JUBILEE, sound money, an end to corralling and restricting laws and government and much more!

    Best wishes to the awakened.

    1. I should mention many thanks to the other member of the 'we' referred to above that included the special efforts of Miss Stella Hender and Miss Debbie Halfhide.